Cherry's Miniature Schnauzers

Cherry's Miniature Schnauzers is a small hobby breeder who specializes in excellent temperments, healthy and nice family pets.

Puppies Available

Bailey is a Black and Silver female. She is a smaller sized Miniature Schnauzer. Mature around 9-12 pounds.

Price: $600.00 

8 weeks old 3lbs


Bella is a Black female with 2 white toes. She is a smaller sized Miniature Schnauzer. Mature around 7-12 pounds.

Price $600.00


We have Puppies Available at This Time!

We have puppies available to pet homes on September 10, 2015. Please call to inquire, 901-283-7533.



We have males and females available. They are Black and Salt and Pepper. Prices range from 500.00- 800.00. We will need a $200.00 deposit to hold your puppy.

Puppy Kits

Free Puppy Kit(All puppies go home with one!) 

Kirkland's Nature Domain All Life Stages Food (Sample for transitioning puppy to new food).

CKC Registration Packet and Contract

Shot Record/Care Information Packet

Puppy Shopping List

Lifetime Breeder Support

Groomer/Vet Contact Information

Puppy Kit



Puppy Policy

All puppies receive individual human attention and interaction on a daily basis from the moment of birth. We realize the importance of early socialization and stimulation for developing temperament and take this responsibility seriously. We also start potty training to puppy pads.

A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $200 is required to reserve one of our puppies.

All puppies will have tails docked, dew-claws removed and first hair cut when they go to their new forever homes. We do not crop the ears of our puppies as it is a personal choice. We do however have a vet that will do it but payment for the cropping is required before the surgery.

All puppies are vet checked at 2-3 days old and upon departure of my home. Puppies are also up to date on shots and receive routine worming at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old.


Estimating Size of a Puppy

Estimating size of a puppy is hard to do but a lot of breeders try. Size cannot be guaranteed but estimated. You can try to get a more accurate guess by trying the following:

First know what mom and dad weigh. Genetics play a major role in size. Genetics can pull from 4-5 generations, totaling 30-62 dogs. So it's still hard to be accurate.


Second you can use a scale on weight.

1. weigh the puppy at exactly six weeks old and multiply weight by 4 and then add 2-3 pounds

2. weigh the puppy at exactly 8 weeks old, then multiply the weight by 3 then add 2-3 pounds

3. weigh the puppy at exactly 12 weeks and multiply the weight by 2 and then add 2-3 pounds

You should be able to have a good idea of how much your puppy may weigh as an adult.


Male vs. Female

      Many people believe that female dogs make better pets... female preference seems to be ingrained in these people. Most calls for pet dogs have people wanting a "sweet girl". They don't think females display alpha behaviors like marking and/or humping. They believe that they are more docile and attentive and do not participate in fighting over dominance. Well, this is not true and they don't call them bitch for nothing!

      In the dog pack makeup, females usually rule the roost, determine pecking order, and who compete to maintain or alter that order. The females are, as a result, more independent, stubborn and territorial than their male counterparts. The females are much more intent upon exercising their dominance by participating in alpha behaviors such as humping. There is a reason people utilize the technical dog term of "bitch" in a negative way and it refers directly to the behaviors exhibited by females of the dog world. Most fights will usually break out between two females. Males on the other hand, are usually more affectionate, exuberant, attentive and
more demanding of attention. They are very attached to their people. They also tend to be more steadfast, reliable and less moody. They are more outgoing, more accepting of other pets and take to children quicker. Most boys are easily motivated by food (how true!) and praise and so eager to please that training is a breeze. However, males can be more easily distracted during training, as males like to play often. And no matter what age, he is more likely to act silly and more puppy like, always wanting to play games. Boys are fun loving until the day they die. Females tend to be more reserved or dignified as they age. Witness the human equivalent of the twinkling eyed grandpa still playing catch at age 70, while grandma quietly observes from the porch.Females are more expensive to have spayed than males are to neuter. If you do decide on a male they should be neutered by about four months old so they don't start marking their territory!

*Written by a Canine Behavioral Expert


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